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FLAiVOR: The taste of the future

FLAiVOR: The taste of the future

The taste of the future

A new era is beginning in the olive groves of the Mediterranean. With the pioneering collaboration of scientists from the Mediterranean Agri-Food Competence Centre (MACC), agronomists from PAMAKO, farmers and weather experts, flAIvor is born.

An innovative platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to connect all information, at all stages of the olive growing and olive oil industry.

Through trainable algorithms, the user is enabled to exploit the information to know in advance the final sensory result and the quality of the olive oil.

By changing the parameters, they can intervene in all stages of the process to obtain the quantity, quality and organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil they want, even before it is produced!

The flAIvor platform is the innovative result of the collaboration of scientists from various disciplines such as computer science, agronomy, engineering, meteorology, olive growers, experts and olive oil tasters. 

The revolution in olive growing

The FLAiVOR platform is revolutionizing olive oil cultivation and production. Through the integration of the most advanced technologies and expertise from different sectors, the high quality of olive oil is highlighted.

This collaboration is not only changing the way of olive oil production, but is creating an integrated ecosystem aimed at sustainability and innovation. FLAiVOR is more than just a product. It is the starting point for a new era in olive growing, where technology and nature come together to create something unique.

FLAiVOR is not just a "machine". It is a complete method, as it has a number of functions and services, including:

Integrated monitoring and management of olive cultivation
Providing solutions to producers' challenges through advanced technologies
Advice on best practices for planting, irrigation, fertilisation and plant protection
Advice to farmers/entrepreneurs to assist them in terms of quality, quantity, preservation, taste in relation to current market parameters.
The innovative concept of FLAiVOR

At the heart of FLAiVOR lies an innovative idea: the creation of a platform that connects the whole range of information from the olive tree cultivation to the mill. It was designed to formulate an algorithm that sensorially identifies the characteristics of the olive oil produced, under specific conditions, at all stages: From cultivation to storage.

This self-training algorithm learns from the varying parameters, records and accurately manages not only the quantity and quality but also the characteristics of the olive oil, enhancing the producer's competitiveness in the market.
An integrated ecosystem of Sustainability and Innovation

Collaboration between olive growers, agronomists, mill operators, olive oil standardizers and tasters is at the core of FLAiVOR. This dynamic partnership achieves harmonious operation thanks to the shared knowledge and data available through the platform.

An integrated set of parameters, monitored from the field to the mill via sensors, covers critical aspects such as meteorological data, climatic conditions during cultivation, irrigation, fertilization, plant protection, harvesting, transport, olive oil processing and storage.

The identification of the organoleptic characteristics required by the target market and the way in which these interact with production conditions are key strategic elements in the FLAiVOR strategy.

This not only saves natural resources by limiting the use of water, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. to the absolute minimum, but at the same time, the user of the platform is able to produce the best possible product for the given conditions of consumer preferences, thus eliminating any possibility of unavailable product.

Innovative High Technology Combinatorial System

The American Farm School's LoRa digital network provides critical data for olive cultivation, such as soil temperature and moisture, which are measured by strategically placed sensors. At the same time, data on rainfall is obtained from connected weather stations.

FLAiVOR then leverages Cyric IoT to efficiently manage wireless device installations. This includes providing custom solutions that support wireless network infrastructure and monitoring to ensure network coverage. Through this technology, FLAiVOR ensures that olive oil production is carried out with maximum efficiency and precision, while ensuring high quality and product compatibility with the trends of the industry.

Infrastructure and Automation in the mill

Creation of a modern electrical installation adapted to the existing infrastructure.
Construction of an advanced electrical panel for industrial applications
Design of automation that improves efficiency.
Online support through the industry-to-cloud platform that allows remote monitoring, management and maintenance of installations, ensuring comprehensive real-time support.
The future of taste

FLAiVOR is not just a product. It is an integrated solution that represents the leading innovation in olive oil production. It is proof of what can be achieved when tradition meets technology and when collective experience is leveraged through a unique platform. FLAiVOR shapes the taste, character and nutritional profile of a product that is the liquid gold of the Mediterranean.

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