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MACC's series of contacts in Thessaly

MACC's series of contacts in Thessaly

A series of contacts in the wider region of Thessaly were carried out a few days ago by partners of the Mediterranean Agri-Food Competence Centre (MACC). As part of the expansion of the network with important entrepreneurs from all over Greece, Mr. George Manousakis, MACC Networking Manager, met with renowned entrepreneurs, researchers and producers.

Introductory meetings were held with successful entrepreneurs and affiliated members of the MACC Mediterranean Agri-Food Competence Centre, such as Foodoxys, a company specialised in ensuring nutritional wellness on a personalised level. Foodoxys is a spin-off company of the University of Thessaly and is represented by its founder and CEO Mr. Fotis Tekos.

Since the Mediterranean Agri-Food Competence Centre (MACC) has embraced the integrative approach of One Health, its representatives considered it very important to visit the offices of the Pytheia Competence Centre, which specialises in cutting-edge technology for Health. In fact, in the framework of this meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed. This is an important collaboration based on the initiative of the two Centres of Excellence to develop a unified strategy aimed at achieving optimal conditions focused on human, animal and environmental health.

An important familiarization visit was also carried out with the new associate member "Mama's Pie", specializing in the production of traditional leaf products with modern production methods that guarantee food safety and stand out for their taste and quality.

The program was concluded with a joint visit with Mr. Christos Lazaridis, consultant of Logos Delta, to the premises of IIEK Dimitra and to the premises of Pinios Brewery. The tour included tastings of beers with local character, thus concluding a constructive tour. _


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