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Members of MACC

The goal of MACC is to support businesses in improving their competitiveness. MACC supports the development of new entrepreneurial activities in the agrofood sector, the implementation of innovative business plans, and the utilization of knowledge generated in research laboratories, technological entities, and production units.

Its personnel and network of collaborators possess a high level of technological and scientific education, while all its activities are supported by experts in scientific, technological, business, financial, and production models.

Become a connected member of the recognized network of capacity enhancement and support, and gain privileged access to a wide network of specialists, businesses, academic institutions, research organizations, and whatever else your business needs to strengthen and develop its dynamics.

Specifically, in the field of Innovation and Technology, as a member of MACC, you can leverage your expertise to create pioneering entrepreneurial products and strategies, as well as improve processes in your business.

Through MACC, you can also achieve networking and encounter Investment Opportunities that will allow you to expand your business horizons.


Networking opportunities: Organization of exclusive events where members can network with each other and with industry experts.
Priority service: Provision of priority services to members.
Preferred rates: Offering preferential rates on products, services, and events.
Partnership or collaboration opportunities: Facilitation of collaboration opportunities and partnerships among members in projects or initiatives.
Exclusive access: Providing members with exclusive access to certain areas, information, and services not available to non-members.
Newsletters: Sending informative newsletters with useful information, updates, and exclusive content.


Consulting services
Providing personalized consulting services and support.
Development of targeting, measurement, and performance improvement systems.

Education and development
Conducting educational sessions, workshops, or seminars.
Providing online courses and educational material.
Technical support
Offering technical support services related to the activities of the members.
Providing support for addressing and resolving issues.

Marketing and promotion
Supporting members in promoting their services or products.
Offering advertising space or promotion opportunities within MACC's digital channels.

Networking services
Facilitating introductions and connections among members and partners.
Organizing networking events and meetings.

Legal and administrative support
Providing legal advice.
Offering templates or tools to support administrative tasks.

Research and analysis
Conducting research on behalf of members or providing access to research relevant to a specific sector.
Providing analysis and evaluation services of performance or positioning of members in the market they operate.

Event management
Event organization or hosting services.
Providing access to tools or resources for event management.

Communication and collaboration tools
Providing tools for communication and collaboration among members.
Facilitating online discussions or forums.

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