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 MACC x Bioresearch Laboratories & Clean Energy Ltd.

MACC x Bioresearch Laboratories & Clean Energy Ltd.

As an organisation specialising in promoting partnerships for innovation and positive environmental feedback, MACC is at the forefront of reshaping environmental surveillance and conservation. More specifically, this is being implemented through the development and implementation of sustainable practices and its extensive network of partners.

This signals a greener future, as MACC proudly announces the implementation of a partnership between Clean Energy Ltd, a company responsible factive in the development, demonstration and marketing of low carbon technologies in the energy sector (heat & power production, buildings etc), and Bioresearch Laboratories, known for its safe and accurate laboratory analyses, providing scientific and substantive support to private companies and public institutions. Driven by a spirit of cooperation and a shared vision, this collaboration is set to evolve the modus operandi for monitoring the quality of seawater and, by extension, the preservation of the marine environment.

MACC's actions and activities incorporate and promote at every opportunity the spirit of cooperation, understanding that the key to the development of a greener and more flexible society lies in the unity of different actors with a common vision. This partnership with Clean Energy and the Bioresearch Laboratories combines Clean Energy's expertise in developing the necessary technologies with the advanced research capabilities and experience of the Bioresearch Laboratories, exploiting them to ensure the quality of marine waters of Heraklion Port Authority.

 It envisions a future where sustainable practices seamlessly intersect with advanced scientific research with a shared vision of a "cleaner", sustainable environment. Through joint research initiatives, innovative technologies and collaborative networking, we are committed to creating a future where the health and exploration of our oceans is preserved in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

In the context of creating a greener, sustainable and flexible society, not only in the agri-food sector but across the whole spectrum, environmental management is the driving force behind this partnership. The organisation's commitment to promoting positive change resonates in every aspect of this partnership, highlighting the importance of the association for a more sustainable future.

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