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InnoDays 2023

InnoDays 2023

The Mediterranean Agri-Food Competence Centre (MACC) had the honour to participate in the InnoDays innovation exhibition of the Region of Crete, demonstrating at its personal stand the network and the services that surround it. MACC's presence is an important milestone in the Centre's ongoing effort to promote innovation and sustainability in the Mediterranean Agri-Food sector.

The InnoDays networking platform is an essential element of the Innovation Days, connecting companies, universities, research centres and students to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Using this platform, MACC held over 70 B2B meetings, taking advantage of its extensive network of companies and institutions.

On Sunday, MACC, in collaboration with members of Arosi Consulting and CyRIC IoT, organized the groundbreaking event "Unlocking the Potential of Ecological Schemes in the New CAP". The event focused on enhancing the understanding and adoption of "eco-schemes" in the New Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), providing valuable information and tools for the adoption of sustainable practices in agriculture and livestock production. During the event, the SmartAgroGenious smart agriculture product service was also presented, which integrates data from the field through telemetry systems for integration into eco-schemes. 

In addition, the MACC booth showcased the new "Associate Members" service, offering businesses access to a wide range of MACC services through an affordable annual subscription. This service aims to enhance the competitiveness of businesses by providing them with privileged access to technology resources, technology transfer, networking and research opportunities.

MACC's participation in InnoDays Innovation Days underscores its commitment to enhance the "competitiveness" and sustainable growth of the agri-food industry. Through a framework of intensive research, technology transfer and education, MACC is leading the way towards a more sustainable and innovative future.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand, as well as our main sponsor, TUVHellas, for their important support and cooperation.

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