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Mediterranean Agrofood Competence Center - MACC

Mediterranean Agrofood Competence Center - MACC

The Mediterranean Agrofood Competence Center (MACC) is an organization whose mission is to enhance the competitiveness of the Greek economy through the utilization of innovation, knowledge, and the country's human capital.

To achieve its mission, MACC offers a range of services aimed at:

- Creating synergies between universities, research centers, and businesses.
- Supporting innovations from the stage of intellectual property rights protection to their integration into the real economy.
- Networking businesses through shared infrastructure and research resources.
- Solving problems faced by agrofood businesses through the introduction of innovation in products and services.

The success of MACC's mission is guaranteed by its members. These include various entities from the research and academic sector, the broader public sector, and companies operating across all areas of production in the country.

By leveraging both the partnerships created by its members and the expertise cultivated by its staff, MACC effectively supports new financial and productive models through:

- The development of new innovative actions.
- Their implementation in existing businesses.
- The realization of new entrepreneurial ventures.

Among the services provided by MACC to achieve its goals are:

- Identifying the needs of companies in the agrofood sector.
- Designing and implementing innovative solutions.
- Commercial exploitation of research results from Higher Education Institutions and Research Centers in the agrofood sector.
- Conducting studies and market research on consumers in Greece and abroad.
- Developing measurement/analysis systems.
- Documenting and evaluating agrofood products and services.
- Designing and implementing support, management, and documentation systems for economic and administrative activities.
- Providing consulting services on strategic and organizational planning.
- Developing marketing strategies and plans, human resource management.
- Organizing and strategizing agricultural production, standardization, and product marketing in Greece and abroad.
- Providing training for personnel.
- Organizing seminars, conferences, events, and educational activities on agrofood and new technologies.
- Organizing business missions, exhibitions, and visits to promote and support agrofood businesses.
- Participating and/or coordinating national and European innovation initiatives.
- Coordinating networking and business cluster organization activities for entrepreneurial innovation.
- Providing intermediary services for the introduction of innovation into agrofood businesses.
- Consulting services for meeting ESG criteria.

MACC participates in the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), demonstrating its commitment to creating value through collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and experience. Its participation in this network also underscores MACC's belief that innovation is not an end in itself but only meaningful when focused on meeting the needs of individual end-users and society as a whole. is using cookies!

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