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Mediterranean Agrofood Competence Center - MACC

MACC is a competence centre representing 48 Greek stakeholders from all over Greece. MACC includes bodies from academia, society, industry, and public authorities, therefore, fully covering the Quadruple Helix of development. All stakeholders are directly or indirectly related to the agro-food section, having long and very effective experience in various complementary fields. The target of MACC is to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of the Greek enterprises by promoting technology transfer, supporting the use of innovative technologies, and assisting in all required support and certification issues. Moreover, MACC supports the development of new business activities in the field of agro food, the implementation of innovative business plans and the exploitation of knowledge produced in research laboratories, technology bodies and production units.

MACC aims to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of Greek businesses by providing the following services:
  • Promoting technology transfer between enterprises and between universities and the market
  • Supporting the introduction and use of innovative technologies in enterprises
  • Support for the registration of intellectual property
  • Networking of enterprises by sharing infrastructure and capabilities between enterprises and research institutions
  • Solving problems of agri-food businesses by introducing innovation in products and services

In that respect, its personnel have a high level of technological and scientific education, and all activities are supported by experts in science, technology, business, funding and production models.

Scopes of MACC:
  • Identification of the needs of the enterprises of the agro food chain and designing / implementing the required innovative solutions respectively.
  • Commercial utilization of research results and knowledge related to the agro food sector, produced by academic and research institutions
  • Research and development in the fields of sciences and engineering.
  • Implementation of studies and surveys for the market and the consumer preferences.
  • Development of systems and provision of various types of analysis as well as identification, documentation and evaluation of agro food products and services.
  • Design and implementation of systems for the support, the management and the documentation of financial and administrative activities.
  • Provision of consulting services, such as strategic and organizational planning and business planning, marketing, human resources, agricultural production, standardization and marketing of products, exports, etc.
  • Provision of training to personnel of enterprises in order to improve their skills and for the introduction of innovation to business.
  • Organization of workshops, conferences, events and training activities on issues related to agro food and new technologies.
  • Organization of business missions, exhibitions and visits to promote and support agri-food businesses.
  • Participation and coordination of national and European innovation actions.
  • Coordination of networking activities and organization of enterprises for the creation of business innovation clusters.
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